Goal Boldly

Goal Boldly

Hosted by: Kim Giddens

The Goal Boldly podcast is for anyone who wants to reach their goals and build strength and confidence in their career and life. This workshop style podcast is based on the Personologie leadership development...


Start Up and Scale

Season #1

In this episode, we're going to start talking about startups. Startups are the essence of Goal Boldly, a great idea or a goal with a great plan to go along with it. Unknown Speaker 0:13 In this episode we review: What...
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Why Ditching New Year’s Resolutions Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Season #1 Episode #3

Goals done well provide aspiration, hope, and structure to our daily lives.    So why do so many people decide not to set goals?   Only 60% of people set goals and then 80% of them give up within 17 days! In this...
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3 Ways Leaders Can Improve Wellbeing

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode I discuss the state of today's workplace and the important role it plays on our wellbeing.   It’s no secret that we are more stressed and worried these days but Gallup’s recent report on The State of...
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Get Your Goal On: First Episode

Season #1 Episode #1

What if reaching your goals wasn't as hard we make it.   Clearly we are doing something wrong if only 8% of people reach their goals. In this inaugural episode of the Goal Boldly podcast Kim Giddens shares we will...
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